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Platform: Google AdWords

Network: SEARCH


Rollout: BETA

Form Extension Location

Generate Leads Directly from Google Search Ads

Where to find the lead form extension?

  • Sign into your Google Ads account.
  • Click Ads & extensions in the page menu, and then click Extensions at the top of the page.
  • Click the plus button , and then select Lead form extension.
  • You’ll need to review and accept the terms of service the first time you create a lead form extension.
  • Select the campaign(s) that you want to attach the new lead form extension to.
  • Create the lead form extension, following the instructions below.
  • Click Save.

Setting up the lead form extension

Step 1: Select a Campaign/ Ad Group you would like to add the extension to.


Create a Lead Form Extension

Step 2: Enter a Call-to-Action

Lead Form Extension Call-to-Action

Step 3: Create a lead form and upload a background image

Create Lead Form

Note: The information you ask for (Name, Email etc) cannot be updated later, you will need to create a new lead form every time you want to add/remove form information.

Step 4: Create a lead form submission message

Form Extension Message

Step 5: Link your CRM to your form using web hooks. This integration will allow you to pull website leads into a Google spreadsheet or CRM via Zapier.

Form Extension Webhook

Warning: Never blindly add Google recommendations. Some of Google’s recommendations work and some do not. It is always best to try/test the recommendations on a campaign by campaign basis. Google’s idea of performance and a human/agency idea of performance can differ greatly.


Lead Form Extension is a new Google Ads extension that allows an advertiser to generate leads directly from Google search ads. With the ability to integrate with a CRM using webhooks, this extension is customisable to allow a call-to-action, background image, and a default form submission message.