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Introduction to Tag Manager

Due to WACS/SEACOM cable issues, there was no live broadcast. The pre-recorded video has been uploaded and is now available.


What You Will Learn?

Learn about setting up Google Tag Manager.

Understanding the difference between variables and triggers.

The most effective ways of using Tag Manager.

This is our session that will show you how to setup Google Tag Manager so that you can easily add/deploy tracking codes on your website without the risk of breaking your website structure.

Live Video

VIDEO: Introduction to Tag Manager
25 min


Introduction to Tag Manager FAQs
Introduction to Tag Manager IPS
5 min
Google Tag Manager is a tag management system by Google that allows you to safely and easily deploy analytics and measurement tag configurations on your website or mobile app in a quick and easy manner.
A variable is a symbol in code that can be used to represent a value that will change.
A container is a snippet of JavaScript and non-JavaScript code used in web development that removes the need for multiple data tracking codes being placed directly on the site.
A trigger is a listener on your web page or mobile app for certain types of events like form submissions, button clicks, or page views. The trigger tells the tag to fire when the specified event is detected and every tag must have at least one trigger in order to fire.

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Enrolled: 18 students
Duration: 18 mins
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Video: 18 mins
Level: Beginner

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