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Sitelink Ad Extension Setup


LIVE ON: 6TH SEP 2019 @ 11:00

What You Will Learn?

What is a sitelink extension?

How to save on costs by using sitelinks

When should you be using sitelinks?

How do sitelinks affect ad rank?

Create eye catching sitelinks

What are dynamic sitelinks?

Today’s tutorial will deep dive into the sitelink ad extension; showing you the benefits of using this extension and how you can easily ad this extention to your ads to bulk them up with relevant information.

Live Video

LIVE: Sitelink Extension Implementation
30 mins


Sitelink Ad Extensions IPS
5 min
Sitelink FAQs

Quick Test

Sitelink Extension Recap
4 questions
Sometime Google will automatically add sitelink extensions if they feel that this will get them to the right place on your website, these are also known as dynamic sitelink extensions. Also, once you`re opted into dynamic sitelinks, Google Ads can automatically provide descriptions for your existing sitelinks. This automation can be turned off if needed.

LIVE NOTICE: This course ADW-0003 is going live on the 6th September 2019

Order of Events:

  • 9:30: Casson Academy Interface Walkthrough (On Zoom Browser: Password: cassonacad)
  • 11:00: Learn Sitelink Ad Extensions Live
  • 11:45: Q&A Session

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Duration: 19 min
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Video: 19 min
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