In this lesson we learn about Standard Display campaigns. These are campaigns that allow you to handle the audience targeting and bidding within your display campaign. Audience targeting allows you to choose the type of user you want to target according to their long-term (Affinity) and short-term (In-Market) interests.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about audience targeting in display campaigns

  • The difference between Affinity & In-Market audiences

  • What are Custom Intent Audiences?

  • Learn how to apply demographic targeting to display campaigns


Display ads are most commonly thought of like the ads at the top or side of a website, surrounding the content. They come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and flavors. If you recently visited an ecommerce website and considered purchasing a product or two, you likely saw a display ad for the same product when visiting other websites online.

Standard display ads run across different Google properties being YouTube: all sections of the site except the Homepage and Zagat: all sections of the site as top and bottom unit. They are available as a 300×250 display ad. For the bottom unit on Zagat, 300×600 size can also be used. The 300×250 display format is available to you through AdWords, or alternatively, as part of a reservation sponsorship campaign.

Display advertising is super targeted. You can use your current email contact list to create an audience of people, and then show those people very specific display ads that remind them to make a purchase or return to your website. Because of this, display advertising and in-stream video advertising are both expected to grow faster than other forms of digital advertising in the future.

With display ads, you can create very specific segments from your own contact lists. As opposed to other advertising channels like TV or radio, which require large investments in the actual advertisement, it’s relatively cheap to start running display ads. And as with other forms of digital advertising, display advertising is very trackable and you’ll know exactly how many times your ad was displayed, clicked, and you can then link those actions to activities on your website like purchases.

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