Improving Ad Relevancy

Writing catchy phrases is not always the best option when writing your Adwords Ads. It may increase your cost per click a little but it will not help your quality score at all and without a good enough quality score it is likely your Ad will not perform.

So let us create a scenario for this Adwords tutorial:

You have a client who owns a beautiful mountain guest lodge just out of Johannesburg city centre. What sort of Ad are you going to write?

Example 1: This Ad will not yield a high-quality score for the keywords you are wishing to target.  Vibrant Views and Majestic Mountains have a couple of things wrong with it. For one, stupid spelling mistakes kill your quality score, and secondly, your ad will perform well if you are targeting keywords like vibrant views or country landscapes but not the keywords you will most likely want.

Example 2: Much better Ad, it is always best to use the actual keywords you want to target in the Ad rather than well-written jargon. In this Ad, we can now get higher quality scores on keywords like Guest House, Johannesburg Guest House, Country Guest House, Country Guest Lodge and Guest House Near Johannesburg.  Your Ads still look appealing and your quality score for those well-searched keywords just got higher!

Example 3: One last little trick I want to show you is a descriptive display URL. In this part of your Ad you get to include whatever word you want (within guidelines). So why not use it to describe, in one word, exactly what your target page is about. In this case, we added /lodge at the end. If the Ad was pointing to the lodge activities then you may want to use /activities.

As a Adwords Manager you should always take your time when creating your Ads, do not rush and create a couple ads here and there and hope for the best. In Google Adwords every step is important so be sure to check and double check your ads for those stupid spelling mistakes.

What Next?

Improving Ad relevance also depends on the content of your landing page (target page) so in the next tutorial I will show you how to match you landing page with your Adwords Ad to boost your relevancy even more.

Bryan Casson Managing Director

Bryan Casson – Managing Director

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