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Casson Media Boosts its Client Portfolio by 55%

18 Nov 2021|

Casson Media was founded in 2009 as one of the first full-service digital marketing agencies in South Africa. Partnering with many of the largest South African brands, its outstanding technical know-how and reputation as a Google Premier Partner have empowered Casson Media to build a growing and thriving portfolio of business.

What are Gmail Sponsored Promotions? – GSPs

3 Nov 2016|

Gmail Sponsored Promotions/Ads (GSP's) Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP’s), also known as ‘Gmail ads’ are a unique form of interactive ads that appear in Gmail inboxes and that form part of Google Adwords Ad Gallery. They have been around since 2014, initially as a beta, but have since become more prevalent in South Africa over the [...]

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