Quality Score is the single most important factor in any Google Adwords campaign. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting pointers on how to increase your quality score in Google Adwords which will drive your cost-per-click down and your clickthrough-rates (CTR) up.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is basically a rating system put in place by Google Adwords to determine the relevancy of the keywords you use in your campaign. By default, you will not see the quality score of keywords in your columns so you will need to turn it on.

Make sure you are in the keywords tab and then locate the columns tab. Click on customize columns.

Under attributes, you will find the quality score tick box.

What Should My Quality Score Be?

Anything below 6/10 is considered a bad quality score so you will need to delete these words as they will negatively affect your entire campaign. The higher your quality score the lower your cost-per-click so be sure to get your quality score as high as possible to save you money.

How Do I Boost My Quality Score?

I will be writing tutorials over the next few weeks focusing mainly on quality score and how to improve it.

Tutorial Overview:

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