Google is known for always coming up with all kinds of updates to their products for all kind of reasons including to better enhance the experience of the end users, expanded text ads are one such change coming after Google got rid of the right side desktop ads.

Here are things that we at Casson Media think advertisers need to know about expanded text ads. Google is calling this a major change since the launch of Adwords by actually increasing their ad text limits by two times more.

So Why The Major Update?

Well simply put, new ads are designed to maximize presence and performance on mobile search results because of the bigger headline and a longer description, the other good thing about the change is that the ads will automatically resize based on the size of the device they appear on so you can say goodbye to creating separate ads for both mobile and desktop. Below is a preview of the difference between standard text ads and the new expanded text ads.

Expanded Ads

What does this mean for advertisers?

With the introduction of expanded text ads, advertisers now have more to say in their ads, meaning more visibility and higher CTR. With more room for relevant descriptions and more space to get your message across, this is in our opinion, one of the reasons expanded text ads are a welcomed update to Adwords.

Here is a preview of what kind of text optimization options you have in the back end while writing or migrating your old ads to the new format.

The new “path” option will help with siloing and help users better understand the structure of your website, which may lead to higher click through ratios.

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In closing this major Adwords update should bring about an upgrade to the performance of search ads in general and we as Casson Media will continue to experiment with the new ads format to better fine-tune our theories and facts, and given that as of January 31st 2016 you will no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads within Adwords the sooner you get used to the new expanded ads and navigate your way around the better.

Bryan Casson Managing Director

Bryan Casson – Managing Director

One of South Africa’s leading SEO experts residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1998, Bryan started his SEO journey and after years of building experience, Casson Media was founded in 2009.

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