Google Launches Dynamic Search Ads

Update: Dynamic Search Ads is ARE now available in South Africa.

Google has just announced a nifty new feature for Google Adwords called Dynamic Search Ads which they claim will increase your conversions by about 50%. What this new feature will do is create Google Ads for you based on the content of your website as well as actual keywords being searched on your site. Google claims that a massive 16% or searches on Google have never occurred before so naturally, Google would not have mentioned these words to you in their Keywords Tool. Now you will be able to directly target these keywords by using Google’s organic web crawling technology. This method must not be confused with dynamic keyword insertion that has been around for quite some time.

First of all, a relevant search needs to take place before the ad will trigger, once this happens Google will dynamically generate an ad with your search query in the headline, and then pull the text from the relevant landing page.

The ad bidding will then take place as normal and your ad will not show on keywords already existing in your campaign, but as soon as one of those new key-phrases is searched that is relevant to your keywords Google will when dynamically generate your new text ad.


I really do hope that this rolls out to South Africa soon unlike other Ad extensions like Google Product Search that we are still waiting for. I believe that this will most definitely help us to target those words that we never thought of without having to go into Google search terms.

Date: Nov 4, 2015
AUTHOR: Casson Media