Our design services extend to online design outside of your website and email. Every company should have a presence in the Social Media platform as it’s crucial for your company image and dealing with clients. It is also an important part of advertising.

Social Media Services

We offer the setting up of Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We will set up the correct accounts as well as brand all parts possible. For instance, we will create a branded and aesthetically pleasing Facebook profile pic or Twitter background.

Facebook Profile Design

We design Facebook landing pages, profile designs and advert setup. read more

Other Media and PR Services

Any online mediums that come into contact with your customers should be branded. We design for elements that are often overlooked, such as email signatures (when you or staff email clients), eMailers and eNewsletters (online ‘brochures’ that are emailed to clients for promotions and offers) and online quotations. This often integrates with print design, so if we design a brochure for you to hand out to potential clients, we can design an online version that can be emailed too.