What Is Responsive Web Design?

Technology and innovation in the world of the internet and how we use it is changing rapidly. Just 2 years ago, it was okay to have a great website with a Mobi-site linked to it – so that should anyone visit the site from a mobile device it could be ‘read’ effectively. The screen size constrained the layout of the information and one had to approach content layout differently as a result of the display.

Today, that is just not going to cut it. According to Google Consumer Barometer Stats, 69% of people in South Africa use a smartphone. They also publish that desktop computer usage is down from 25% in 2012 to 20% in 2016. User experience on your website should be catered for across devices.

Mobile Users Are On The UP

In South Africa, you may be surprised to know according to Effective Measure statistics, there are more sim cards in our country than there are people. South Africa is the leading country in the world when it comes to the growth of the mobile market. In fact, internet based viewing and activity is beginning to rise above TV Viewing.

Desktop devices may, in the very near future, not be the leading method by which users search for the information they need. Your website should be one that is optimised for all users, whether on tablet, cell phone or laptop.

Responsive website builds

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What Is Responsive WordPress?

Mobile friendly or Responsive Web Design adapts to all devices – to any size screen and resolution. Your website should be built and coded around being responsive and ensuring a great user experience no matter how they got to you.

With Responsive Design, when your site opens on a large screen, 3 columns of information may be displayed with a graphic. However, when the site opens on a small hand held screen, it will reduce to a single column view. Considerable planning and research go into the changes in layout and functional differences between devices. The web layout must still be striking, easy to navigate and consistent.

Casson’s Responsive Designs

A responsive website is a fantastic and necessary tool. At Casson Media, a responsive WordPress design is a standard offer on all our quotes. We believe that your most effective online presence is one site that adapts to every screen.

The future of web design now means that there is no need for the expense and time it takes to design and develop for every new gadget on the market. No matter what new screen size, platform or new browser comes onto the market – your site can spontaneously respond to your customer’s device preference.

This is so important as our mobile customer base around the world grows. Keeping customers and potential buyers on your site in order to convert them is the goal. Decreasing your bounce rate and making e-commerce easier and seamless is what we aim to achieve.

We offer standard WordPress Themes, which we customise with your company colour themes and personality. We can also offer completely unique WordPress themes. We build our designs on the Thesis platform and then tailor them to your needs. Our service guarantees a unique design no one else will have.

The Benefits Of Responsive Design

Great User experience no matter the device
Accessible to anyone, anywhere
Excellent conversion opportunities – not limited to desktop browsers
Immediate order, purchase or contact by your customers
Lower bounce rate
Measure cross device conversions
Increase your Google rankings with Mobile Rankings
Themes that move and shift with screen size

Responsive Design