At Casson Media, we base our business on the importance of an online presence. We believe that if you don’t optimise your website, you may as well not have a website at all. That is why all our designs are built with SEO in mind, whether the client decides to take professional SEO or not. Rest assured, any website created by Casson Media abides to W3C standards as well as SEO optimisation.

There are several processes when creating a website and we can do some or all of it, depending on what you require. If you don’t have a website at all or have a website that needs a redesign, we offer unique website designs (the look and feel of your new website) and development (converts the design to an actual working website). If you want to design your own website, or get someone else to design it, we will convert it to a working website and vice versa. Lastly, if you have an existing website you’re happy with but need help with up keep, we offer website maintenance as well.

Website Design and Redesign

The first step in creating a new website is the design. We guarantee our designs are created completely new  for your company brand image; we will never use a pre-made template design so you can rest assured your website will be unique in every way. Once we receive your brief, we proceed to create your new design which will be put online to proof and includes 3 revisions for the client to make design changes until they are happy.

Website Development

Once the client is happy with their new design (or in some cases when a client supplies a design created elsewhere), we proceed to build in valid HTML and CSS. In layman’s terms, we take the design from a flat image to a full-working built website. Website development also includes additional website functionality, such as interactive galleries, contact forms and even simple things like drop-down menu’s.

Website Population

The final step in the creation of a brand new website is populating the site i.e.. the adding of your text and photo’s. This is charged per hour, so you can be sure you’ll only pay for what you have. The smaller the website, the less hours taken to populate, the less you pay and vice versa. This is an important step in determining our quotations and the reason why we cannot quote on the spot. Please contact us should you require a full quotation that suites your needs.

Website Maintenance

This service includes the upkeep of websites, in other words, when your website is complete and you need additional updates such as a phone number changed or an article added. We can set up a monthly website maintenance plan or charge per hour as needed.

Server Page Design

This is our extra design service that includes work that normal website design charges do not cover. We offer the following at a set rate:
Under Construction Page, includes your branding and contact details
Custom 404 Pages for broken links, displayed instead of broken pages