WordPress is a platform known as a CMS (Content Management System). Basically these type of platforms allow clients to maintain their own websites (if they wish) which eliminates website maintenance costs. It is also more dynamic than a standard static website. WordPress websites is our best-selling product with the best results in terms of usability and maintenance. It is also very SEO-friendly, of course.

WordPress Design and Redesign

WordPress designs are implemented through themes. A lot of sites sell pre-made themes and this makes WordPress problematic for people who want a unique design. We are one of the few WordPress design companies that offer completely unique WordPress themes. We build our designs on the Thesis platform and tailor it to your needs. Our service guarantees a unique design no one else will have. If you have an existing WordPress website, we can design and implement a new theme for your website.

WordPress Development

This service includes implementation of the design we created for WordPress. It also includes all other functional elements such as the search functionality, adding and styling of forms and galleries etc. Please note this excludes population. Click here for more info on website population.

Pre-made WordPress Themes

We offer pre-made themes as well which are cheaper than our unique WordPress designs, however, this means other people can purchase and use the same theme. We highly recommend businesses do not go for this option, however if you have a personal website or blog where you’d just like to share your thoughts without paying a fortune, you can purchase one of our pre-made WordPress themes.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Do you require a plugin for WordPress tailored to your needs? Or a plugin you can distribute for your products and services? We create custom WordPress plugins.

We unfortunately do not offer website maintenance on pre-existing websites not developed or built by Casson Media.