WordPress is a platform known as a CMS (Content Management System). Basically these type of platforms allow clients to maintain their own websites (if they wish) which eliminates website maintenance costs. It is also more dynamic than a standard static website. WordPress websites is our best-selling product with the best results in terms of usability and maintenance. It is also very SEO-friendly, of course.

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WordPress designs are implemented through themes. A lot of sites sell pre-made themes and this makes WordPress problematic for people who want a unique design. We are one of the few WordPress design companies that offer completely unique WordPress themes. We build our designs on the Thesis platform and tailor it to your needs. Our service guarantees a unique design no one else will have.If you have an existing WordPress website, we can design and implement a new theme for your website.

What Is Responsive WordPress?

Mobile friendly or Responsive Web Design adapts your website to all devices – to any size screen and resolution. Your website should be built and coded around being responsive and ensuring a great user experience no matter how they got to you.

Our Responsive Designs

Casson Media offers full services in Online Design, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimisation. Whatever your needs in terms of design requirements and budget, we do our best to accommodate all our clients.