Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the buyer’s process or user’s journey is critical in mapping a user path that leads to a purchase or enquiry. We help you to improve your customer touchpoints.

Know your audience emotions and motivations – Reduce obstacles and pain points

Our Approach to Loyal Customer Journeys

The path to becoming a loyal customer is not as straightforward as we would expect. We will work together with you to identify all of the communication touchpoints in your customer’s journey to enhance user experience and understand user intent.

Company Goal Touchpoints
Understanding user intent

A disconnect between your customers wants and needs and your own can lead to frustration.

  • Customer goals may be different from your own.

  • Help customers to reach their goals while keeping your own objectives in mind.

  • Understand customer intent.

Customer Journey Touchpoints
Remove the clutter and focus on the cake!

Too many distractions may lead a customer to unintended actions that draw them away from the purchase/lead funnel.

  • Understand the pre-purchase, physical purchase, and post-purchase moments.

  • Filter these moments into groups that make it easier or harder for users to complete the conversion funnel.

  • Does the user need that extra information now, or can it wait until the post-purchase dialog?

Happy vs Sad Client Journey
How do your customer feel during the buying process?

A user journey may be made up of key moments of success and sometimes patches of failure. Identifying the this is easy moments from the I am lost moments can lead to much higher conversion success.

  • Could the customer be experiencing any pain points?

  • Is the product you are offering in the journey the same as the product you produce in the sales funnel?
  • Are you transparent in your product purchase process?
  • Are your copywriters speaking the same language as your in-store sales representatives?

Experience your own customer journey

It is one thing to know your product and sell your product, however, you may need to get into the shoes of your customer and experience the entire buying process yourself.

  • Go through the journey from start to finish yourself. Were you satisfied?

  • Now ask a close friend or relative to try the same process. Where they satisfied?
  • Ask them or yourself what was missing?
Customer Journey Mapping
Create a visual customer journey map

Put it onto paper, scribble on a whiteboard or put it on a wall. You need to see it to understand it!

  • Layout your entire map, starting with the entry points.

  • Highlight the touchpoints or interactions.
  • Throw in some moments that may affect the process. Eg: New technology or company growth.
  • Continue to work on branches of your map with new opportunities, new entry points or new funnels.

Why Partner with Casson Media?

  • We understand user-journey.
  • We are experts in mapping user interaction with Google Optimise.
  • Our methods are simplistic and layman.

  • We take the time to understand your product and your business.

Customer intent is the thoughts that lead to a customer’s decision to purchase a product or service. Customer intent is considered more valuable than demographics in the buying process due to the fact that knowing what a customer is doing is more valuable than knowing their identity.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of optimizing a landing page to entice a user to perform a desired action. This may include:

  1. Increasing the speed of a website using core vitals.
  2. Testing the location, style, and effectiveness of a call-to-action.
  3. Using historical data to understand user intent.
  4. Using quantitative research and qualitative research to find weak spots and priorities them.
In short, a  call to action refers to the part of a webpage, an ad, snippet or, a piece of content that entices a user to click or interact with it. In most cases, this is a button within a website that stands out or a piece of content to get a user to perform the desired action. Examples include:

  1. A button to a contact form.
  2. An “add to cart” button.
  3. A newsletter signup bar.
  4. An instant or quick form.

Google Optimize is an online split-testing tool made by Google, that allows you to experiment on the user journey and interaction within a page or piece of a page. Easily offer two or more variations of a page or page element and allow user data to determine which element performs the best.

Google Optimise Overview

Tools that enhance user experience – you can purchase these services as once-off installations.