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  • Analytics Goal Tracking for E-commerce

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

    An advanced Google Analytics E-commerce tracking setup using Google Tag Manager method. This installation requires website access and can take up to 72hrs to implement. This setup will install transaction tracking via the DataLayer on your shop and allow you to track enhanced e-commerce transactions and transaction values within Google Analytics.

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  • Analytics Goal Tracking Installation via Thank You Page

    R880.00 ex VAT

    11% Off

    A basic Google Analytics tracking setup using the “thank you” page method as per this online course . This installation requires website access and can take up to 48hrs to implement.

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  • Google Tag Manager Installation

    R880.00 ex VAT

    Let us integrate Google Tag Manager for you. Casson Academy experts will create a Tag Manager Account on your behalf and then provide you with login details.

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  • Online Digital Marketing Consulting

    R1,500.00 ex VAT

    21% Off

    Book a time with Ads & SEO Expert Bryan Casson. With years of experience in the online marketing industry, you can be guaranteed that this consulting session will give you valuable insights into improving your online presence.

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  • Speed Optimisation and Core Vitals

    R3,750.00 ex VAT

    Our expert developers can help you with speeding up your website and core vitals. This is a very important service required in the SEO process to help increase ranking.

    Please note: The following speed optimisation services are recommended in addition to this setup:

    • WP Rocket (approx $49 per year) – This is a core plugin to optimise cache speed.
    • Imagify for WordPress – This is used to optimise images on your WordPress site.
    • Cloudflare CDN ($20 per month): Used for security and an effective image CDN.
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