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Casson Media offers a wide range of pay-as-you-go integration and content services.
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  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package

    R6,520.00R8,020.00 ex VAT
    This package is intended for any small/medium business that needs a timely SEO solution. Our SEO Booster Pack will get your ranking started and is a good starting point for businesses that have never used an SEO agency before.
  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package for E-Commerce

    From: R8,280.00 ex VAT
    This package is intended to get your shop ranking by creating an online store that follows Google best practices. Google naturally ranks products with more weight than static pages; so we use this to your benefit. Let us help you with your online retail store today!
  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package with Copywriting

    R8,315.00R11,920.00 ex VAT
    This package is intended to get your small/medium company ranking by fulfilling Google’s best practice requirements for ranking & producing quality content pages. All the services & integrations mentioned in this package will help your website to rank on structure, content & best practices.
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