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Casson Media Becomes Google Engage Partner

UPDATE: Google Engage has now migrated to Google Partner, a new platform that makes it easier for agencies to access Google resources, training, and support in one place.

At Casson Media we are proud to be accepted as a Google Engage partner in South Africa. This new initiative by Google is an attempt to allow  marketing agencies , webmasters and SEO’s direct access to Google Adwords Support as well as training programs, study material and important information so that they do not become stale in advancing their knowledge of Adwords for there clients. The South African Google team is working hard to build relationships with Google Advertisers and are trying to bridge the gap between Google, Clients and Adwords Managers.

On being accepted for the program we have already extended our Adwords knowledge by participating in exciting new Adwords courses and look forward to continuing to enhance our expertise of Adwords over the next few months.

In celebration of becoming a Google Engage Partner, Casson Media will giving away a R500 Voucher to qualified SMB companies that wish to test drive Adwords for its effectiveness and business possibilities.

Why must I use a Google Engage Partner For My Adwords?

By using a Google Engage Partner you can be sure that the PPC company that is handling your Adwords Campaign is up-to-date in their knowledge of Adwords. Many Adwords Certified individuals and companies do the test once and then never apply that knowledge on a daily basis and become stale in their management of Adwords Campaigns mostly due to their lack of further education and advancement. Many companies get certified once with experts in house and then remain certified when those experts leave the company. The company does not need to re-test to remain Adwords certified, they simply continue as usual.

With Google Engage Partners you can be sure that their expertise and advancement in search engine marketing will continue as Google does require active participation in their programs in order to remain a partner.  Lastly, relationships will be built between Engage Partners and Engage employees as they participate in online courses, live seminars and training programs so you can be sure that you will get the support when you need and that your campaign is in safe hands.

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Want to know more about Google Engage?

If you would like to know more information about the Google Engage program then please give us a call on 011 023 0197  and we will show you, the client,  why it is so important that you deal with a SEO Company that is a Google Engage Partner.

DATE: Nov 4, 2015
AUTHOR: Casson Media

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