Google Tag Manager Expert Integration

Suggested Order

R4,500.00 ex VAT

Get a seasoned SEO expert to install Google Tag Manager for you. Bryan Casson will integrate advanced triggers and tags in Tag Manager. No errors, no half-done integrations. We guarantee a high-quality installation, implemented with years of experience and skill.


What Will We Do?

  • We will create a Tag Manager Account on your behalf and integrate Google Analytics.

  • We will be able to load and implement any third-party scripts (knowns as tags) such as Facebook tracking pixels and LinkedIn Insights codes.

  • Our Google Tag Manager expert will setup all advanced tracking features, this may include intent-based actions such as tracking click-to-calls or interactions with the email addresses on the site

  • Our specialist will track all actions on a page that may signal user intent.

  • We will provide you with full access to your Tag Manager after we have created it.

Please note:

  • This is not a course. This is a once-off product purchase with a 7 day turn around.

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