Director at Casson Media

Born: 1977 in Zimbabwe
Education: School of Hard Knocks
Expert Fields: SEO, Google Adwords, Google Places
Speciality Fields: Paid Advertising (SEM), Blogging
Featured: SEOmoz, Search Engine Journal

As one of the original and first players in the SEO industry in South Africa, I have been able to mould a digital marketing strategy that is unmatched. My skills and experience are well sought after, which has led me to start my own digital marketing company.

My passion has always been in training and transfering my skills. I have been lucky enough to be a selected Google Partner Academy Trainer which has lead to me training and empowering South African youth through the Digify program (Sponsored by Google & IAB).

I have built a company that is modelled around young adult employment, and many of my employees have arrived directly from the Digify program and have now excelled in the digital marketing space with skills that are streets ahead of the industry.

I plan to offer only the best service to my clients by using my extensive skills and transferring that experience to my employees.

Bryan Casson

Managing Director

  • 2015
  • 04 Nov

    SEO is Mostly About Quality Copywriting…

    If you would like to have the competitive edge over your competition, it might be a good idea to know why they are so successful and which tools they are using that is getting them there. Key words are everywhere for everyone to see on the web, therefore using the keywords that your competitors are… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Google Launches Dynamic Search Ads

    Before we start I just want to say that Dynamic Search Ads is not yet available in South Africa, but you can try it out if you have an international Adwords campaign running Google has just announced a nifty new feature for Google Adwords called Dynamic Search Ads which they claim will increase your conversions… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Adwords Quality Score Part Three

    Monitor Googles Search Partners So we all know that CTR (Click Through Rate) has a direct impact on quality score, therefor it is always a good idea to keep you CTR as high as possible. One overlooked area which is often a guilty party in low CTR is search partners located in the Google Search… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Adwords Quality Score Part Two

    Adwords Landing Page Optimization In the previous tutorial we talked about Ad Relevance which goes hand in hand with landing page optimization. If you are able to sync both of these tips then you are on your way to improved quality score. Remember, Google is all about offering relevant results to their users, therefor, if… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Adwords Quality Score Part One

    Improving Ad Relevancy Writing catchy phrases is not always the best option when writing your Adwords Ads. It may increase your cost per click a little but it will not help your quality score at all and without a good enough quality score it is likely your Ad will not perform. So let us create… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Boosting Quality Score in Google Adwords

    Quality Score is the single most important factor in any Google Adwords campaign. Over the next few weeks I will be posting pointers on how to increase your quality score in Google Adwords which will drive your cost-per-click down and yourclickthrough-rates (CTR) up. What is Quality Score? Quality score is basically a rating system put… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Why is ClickThrough-Rate Important in Adwords?

    I often have clients ask me the ever old question… “is CTR (Clickthrough Rate) that important in Google Adwords! After all, if I am getting some clicks on a keyword they could convert?”  The simple answer is YES, clickthrough rate is one of the most important factors in bringing down the overall cost of your… Read more

  • 04 Nov

    Identify a Professional SEO Company

    At Casson Media we have come across too many clients that have been scarred badly by SEO companies that have taken them for a ride when it comes to the professional SEO services that they provide. When asking clients why they decided on the SEO company they simply said that they did not know any… Read more