Do you use off-line advertising?

Do you know which advertising brings the most calls?

How many calls do you get?

How does our call tracking system record phone calls?

We provide unique call tracking numbers in a 010, 020 or 030 format (or 0870 on request). These numbers trigger an event in our call tracking system when someone places a call to that number. The call is already tracked whether the call is answered or not. The call is automatically forwarded to your existing primary business number.

You assign your unique number to a media platform that you are advertising on. So lets say you want to track your billboard ad on William Nicol (Johannesburg), your newspaper ad in the daily paper (Durban) and another ad on a local website near your business (Cape Town) then you would do the following:

Billboard Ad 010 xxx xxxx
Newspaper Ad 030 xxx xxxx
Website Joe’s Pizza Ad 020 xxx xxxx
We generate a report when your chosen numbers are called. Our sophisticated software will do all the work for you and compile all the statistics you need in one convenient place for you to view. Statistics are available in real time online or can be emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The report will contain all the metrics that you need to justify your marketing spend in whatever media you are using. We can then integrate all our metrics with your SEO so that you can optimise a true conversion rate.

Why Your Business Needs Call Tracking?

Are you investing in the right market?

Are Your Ads Working?

Can you measure every aspect of your marketing spend?

Our software provides peace of mind when it comes to Radio, TV, Print, Street Pole, Social Media, Google AdWords and Expo ads. With call tracking you can measure exactly which media is getting you business. No more guessing is your number is ever called, and no more asking your customers…”where did you find us?” as we will already know!

You get unlimited call time on your numbers
You only pay for active numbers
You get to keep your temporary number as long as you wish
There are no contracts, you can cancel at any time
There is no limit on the amount of calls you get