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Useful Search Queries Enhanced By Google My Business

For years business’ going online have come to realise the ever increasing importance and advantage of getting their business (retail and franchises) listed on Google My Business. As more and more people use mobile for their shopping journey, whether it starts at home through online browsing, an app or while out and about, being perfectly placed within distance has proven extremely resourceful in drawing foot traffic into stores. But that is not all. Over the years ‘Google My Business’ has further improved functionality, usability and created more innovative ways for business to track as well as promote their business on Google Maps.

Here we will list common features and some advanced features you may not be aware of that will come quite handy in making your business stand out from the rest and compliment your AdWords (if you already are running ads).

1. Operating Times

When a user searches for your operating hours in Google they are now presented with a bolded and prominent operating time for the day in the search results and daily operating hours for the rest of the week in the business listing on the right.

Casson Media

2. Business Address

Users can now also search a business address directly from their browser and be presented with Google My Business results prominently in the search results and further information in the google My Business pop up as well in seconds

3. Contact Details For Mobile

Google My Business has not only made it easy for users to contact your business telephonically from the map results now users in your vicinity or shopping from home can call directly from search results as well.

4. Directions

This feature was once limited to Google Maps on desktop and on the mobile app, now users can get directions to your location as well as the estimated time to get there directly from Search Results on the go.

5. Google Map Posts

One of our favorite and exciting features recently added to Google my business is the improved ‘Google Posts’. This feature allow you to post articles, images and pretty much any promotional material and news about your business on your Google My Business at absolutely no charge. We’ve seen this work well across the board of clients and generate its own awareness and traffic to users actively looking for the business at that moment.

Almost unlimited in its functionality you may add as many as you require and users will be able to scroll through each post. You may also assign what type of post with a link to your landing page whether it be for: Signups, Buy, Learn More, etc. Email updates on how your posts are doing are sent to you occasionally as well.


Additionally you can see how many views a post receives¬†and also able to set ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates on a promotion from the back end of Google My Business

5. Insights

This incredible feature is a great tool for seeing and analysing overviews on how searches are performing from direct web traffic, search listings, Map listings to even searches attributed to calls.

There is so much more to be explored within Google My business, while it continually improves but what we have given you so far are some of the best features you can use to get the most out of your business and maps listing this year. But don’t take our word for it, try them out and see what it can do for you today.

DATE: Feb 28, 2018
AUTHOR: Casson Media