What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process used when we optimise a website to standards set by leading search engines like Google. A website in its natural form will unlikely rank well compared to websites that have followed key signals that keep the search engines happy.

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Google and many other search engines use complicated algorithms to understand what your website is truly about. These search engines are not human, so sometimes they need a little help in understanding your page.

Some SEO techniques include manipulating the content and structure of your website pages so that the search engines can read and navigate your website easier, this is known as on-site optimisation. Not all search engine optimization is done on your website, in most cases there is also a lot of off-site optimization that needs to take place like installing Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and other tools needed to track the progress of your website. Other off-site optimization techniques include press releases and social media presence which is used for link-building.

What are SEO’s?

SEO specialists are referred to as SEO’s (search engine optimizers). These professionals focus primarily on search engine optimization as a speciality and usually spend every bit of their time improving their skills and trying to understand search engine algorithms.

Our SEO’s

Casson Media has some of the best SEO’s in South Africa; dedicated individuals that can handle every aspect of your on-site and off-site optimisation. We are proud to be industry leaders in onsite optimisation and one of the few SEO companies that still pay attention to this valuable technique. To start using our SEO services to improve the performance of your website online then please contact us for a SEO assessment.

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