• Online Digital Marketing Consulting

    R1,500.00 ex VAT

    21% Off

  • Analytics Goal Tracking for E-commerce

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package for E-Commerce

    From: R6,690.00 ex VAT

  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package with Copywriting

    R6,615.00R10,230.00 ex VAT

  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package

    R4,930.00R6,510.00 ex VAT

  • Google Rank Tracking

    R440.00R4,840.00 ex VAT

    27% Off

  • Google Ads Training Workshop

    R9,600.00 ex VAT

  • Logo Design

    R1,900.00 ex VAT

  • Google My Business Setup

    R440.00 ex VAT

  • Audience Analysis – Add-On

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

  • Competitor Analysis

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

  • Keyword Analysis

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

  • Google Data Studio Setup

    R970.00 ex VAT

  • Analytics Goal Tracking Installation via Thank You Page

    R880.00 ex VAT

    11% Off

  • Search Console Verification & Installation – Add-On

    R440.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

  • Google Tag Manager Installation

    R880.00 ex VAT

  • Google Account Installation

    R880.00 ex VAT

  • Google Analytics Installation

    R880.00R1,320.00 ex VAT

  • WordPress Conversion Template Layout – Built by a SEO Expert

    R3,000.00 ex VAT

    29% Off

  • Website Error Checking

    R1,500.00R3,000.00 ex VAT

  • Speed Optimisation and Core Vitals

    R3,750.00 ex VAT

  • Website Development – Per Hr – Add On

    R375.00R9,000.00 ex VAT

  • Product Page Content Writing – Add-On

    R400.00R600.00 ex VAT

    20% Off

  • Static Page Content Writing – Add-On

    R805.00R2,400.00 ex VAT

    11% Off

  • 301 Redirect Packages

    R300.00R10,000.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

  • Blog Content Writing

    R2,900.00R8,700.00 ex VAT

    13% Off

  • Plugin, App and Module Installations

    R440.00 ex VAT

  • Onsite SEO Installation and Setup

    R1,320.00R2,900.00 ex VAT

  • WordPress Website Maintenance – Add-On

    R385.00R6,600.00 ex VAT

  • Google Ads Campaign Setup

    R1,300.00R8,000.00 ex VAT