• 301 Redirect Packages

    R300.00R10,000.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

    301 Redirection is an important part of any SEO strategy. This package contains technical SEO integration options that can help transfer historical page-rank from old pages to new pages or entire domains to new domains.

    NOTE: WordPress & Shopify Platforms Only

  • Analytics Goal Tracking for E-commerce

    Original price was: R3,520.00.Current price is: R1,760.00. ex VAT

    50% Off

    An advanced Google Analytics E-commerce tracking setup using Google Tag Manager method. This installation requires website access and can take up to 72hrs to implement. This setup will install transaction tracking via the DataLayer on your shop and allow you to track enhanced e-commerce transactions and transaction values within Google Analytics.

  • Analytics Goal Tracking Installation via Thank You Page

    Original price was: R1,010.00.Current price is: R990.00. ex VAT

    2% Off

    A basic Google Analytics tracking setup using the “thank you” page method as per this online course . This installation requires website access and can take up to 48hrs to implement.

  • Audience Analysis for Google Ads – Add-On

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

    Let us do an audience analysis for your website.Casson Academy experts will assess the audience based on demographics, interests, and preferences to better understand and identify your target audience. This helps refine your marketing efforts as you can better understand and adapt to their behaviour and how they interact with your business.

  • Blog Content Writing

    R2,900.00R8,700.00 ex VAT

    13% Off

    Our expert copywriters can help you with creating content for your blog that satisfies both readers and search engines. This is a very important service required in the SEO process to help increase ranking.

  • Competitor Analysis

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

    Let us do competitor analysis for your website. Casson Academy experts will assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors to see how they measure up against your brand. The insights gained from this analysis help in identifying threats and opportunities in your marketing strategy.

  • Enhanced Ecommerce via Tag Manager

    R3,800.00R5,700.00 ex VAT

    The ultimate Enhanced Ecommerce integration via Tag Manager is designed for stores on CMS platforms such as Wordpress or Shopify. We also do integrations for custom-built websites. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking as per Google’s official documentation for both Universal Analytics & Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • GA4 Migration Setup From UA via Tag Manager

    Original price was: R3,200.00.Current price is: R2,200.00. ex VAT

    31% Off

    UA to GA4 Migration setup. Casson Media will transfer all conversions and audiences from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 and complete your migration.

  • Google Account Installation

    R990.00 ex VAT

    Let us create a Google Account for you. This product in an installation purchase. Casson Academy experts will create a Google Account on your behalf and then provide you with login details.

  • Google Ads Campaign Setup

    R8,400.00 ex VAT

    We will create the necessary campaign format to get your company going. Purchase a three-campaign bundle or pay per campaign. Campaigns will be created by our experts within 48hrs. You will be required to have an existing Google Ads account. If you do not have a Google Ads account, then we ask that you also purchase a Google Account Setup before purchasing this package.

  • Google Ads Enhanced Conversions Setup via Tag Manager

    Original price was: R4,200.00.Current price is: R3,000.00. ex VAT

    29% Off

    Google enhanced conversions setup can improve your conversion rate by over 5%. Using user-defined data we will be able to collect data from your forms, hash it and use the data to target people more likely to convert. This implementation is done via Google Tag Manager and is 100% POPI & GDPR compliant.

  • Google Ads Training Workshop

    R13,000.00 ex VAT

    Casson Media offers detailed Google Ads fundamentals workshops. These workshops are presented by Bryan Casson, a leading AdWords Manager and AdWords Trainer in South Africa. These workshops are structured for agencies or businesses that intend to bring their staff up-to-scope with Google Ads.