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Casson Media offers a wide range of pay-as-you-go integration and content services.
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  • Google Rank Tracking

    R440.00R4,840.00 ex VAT

    27% Off

    Let us set up rank tracking for your website. Casson Academy experts will create a rank tracking account with reporting for your website on your behalf. This is a tool that will enable you to keep track of your overall ranking as well as see how you measure up against your competitors.

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  • Google Tag Manager Installation

    R880.00 ex VAT

    Let us integrate Google Tag Manager for you. Casson Academy experts will create a Tag Manager Account on your behalf and then provide you with login details.

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  • Keyword Analysis

    R1,760.00 ex VAT

    Let us perform keyword analysis on your website. Casson Academy experts will analyse keywords or actual search terms that people enter into search engines and become visitors to your website through organic and paid search traffic. The insight gained from this analysis will help you make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy.

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  • Logo Design

    R1,900.00 ex VAT

    Our expert designers can help you with creating logos for your business or brand. This is crucial to build recognition and familiarity.

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  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package

    R4,930.00R6,510.00 ex VAT

    This package is intended for any small/medium business that needs a timely SEO solution. Our SEO Booster Pack will get your ranking started and is a good starting point for businesses that have never used an SEO agency before.

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  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package for E-Commerce

    From: R6,690.00 ex VAT

    This package is intended to get your shop ranking by creating an online store that follows Google best practices. Google naturally ranks products with more weight than static pages; so we use this to your benefit. Let us help you with your online retail store today!

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  • Once-Off SEO Booster Package with Copywriting

    R6,615.00R10,230.00 ex VAT

    This package is intended to get your small/medium company ranking by fulfilling Google’s best practice requirements for ranking & producing quality content pages. All the services & integrations mentioned in this package will help your website to rank on structure, content & best practices.

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  • Online Digital Marketing Consulting

    R1,500.00 ex VAT

    21% Off

    Book a time with Ads & SEO Expert Bryan Casson. With years of experience in the online marketing industry, you can be guaranteed that this consulting session will give you valuable insights into improving your online presence.

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  • Onsite SEO Installation and Setup

    R1,320.00R2,900.00 ex VAT

    This basic onsite SEO setup implements the key handles needed in order to make a website “SEO Friendly”. By ticking as many ranking indicator boxes as possible (known as handles) we may achieve a boost in ranking that a wesbite historically never had. This step is a mandatory/basic step that is often looked over, however, its impact can be astronomical.

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  • Plugin, App and Module Installations

    R440.00 ex VAT

    Need help installing WordPress plugins, Shopify apps or other CMS modules? Our team of experts can install any needed plugin for you. We can also help you troubleshoot faulty plugins and resolve common compatability issues.

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  • Product Page Content Writing – Add-On

    R400.00R600.00 ex VAT

    20% Off

    Our expert copywriters can help you with creating content for your e-commerce products. These pages should be a minimum of 150 words excluding product specifications. We will make sure your products are descriptive and easy to understand.

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  • Search Console Verification & Installation – Add-On

    R440.00 ex VAT

    50% Off

    Let us verify your website with Google Search Console. Casson Academy experts will create a Search Console Account on your behalf, verify your website and then provide you with login details.

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