Our Approach to Google Ads Training?

Whether you are just starting out with Google Ads or if you want to refine and perfect your Google Adwords knowledge, Casson Media offers a variety of Google Ads (Adwords) training courses from one-on-one advanced and beginner training to advanced group training. Our experts will teach you how to improve your quality score, increase your CTR (clickthrough rate) and lower your CPC (cost per click).

Per Hour

R2,00000per hour
  • Only You
  • Type: One-On-One
  • Location: Online
  • Pace: Own


R14,00000per day
  • Max: 10 People
  • Type: Custom
  • Location: Online
  • Pace: Custom

What will you learn?

Introduction to Google Ads

  • Users and billing
  • Tools and settings
  • Account setup
  • Linked accounts

Understanding the different Google Ads networks

  • Google Ads Search network walk-through

  • Google Ads Display network walk-through

  • Google Ads Video network walk-through
  • Google Ads Shopping network walk-through
  • Google Ads Local network walk-through

How to do keyword research?

  • Tools to use for keywords research

  • Understanding keyword match types
  • How to group your keywords to build relevance and save costs

  • How many keywords to use per ad group

  • Using negative keywords

Improving campaign relevance and click-through-rate (CTR)

  • Understanding quality score (QS)

  • Understanding the ad auction and bidding

  • How to write really good ad content?
  • The importance of topic relevance at campaign level
  • Using relevance and quality to reduce cost

Creating Google Ads campaigns

  • Understanding account hierarchy and levels
  • Ad creation rules and best practices

  • Which Google ad format is best for your business?
  • Adding ad extensions to make your ads bulkier and more enticing
  • Learning how to structure and sort your campaigns
  • Which bid strategy is best for your business?

Understanding goals, ROI and campaign objectives

  • Choosing the correct micro & macro goals

  • How to track goals via Google Analytics & via Google Ads conversion tracking

  • Understanding Google’s conversion-focused bidding strategies. (CPA, ROAS & Max Conversions)
  • Tackling the ever-changing conversion dynamics
  • The importance of landing page quality to increase conversion rates

Admin and settings walk-though

  • Billing interface

  • Tools interface

  • Settings interface

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Account linking and access

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Currently, due to the global COVID pandemic, all training sessions take place online via Google Meet.

The Google ads training can scale from basic to advanced training.

  • The group training sessions are more basic as the course is done together with other students.
  • The agency training and the hourly training can adapt to the skillsets of the participants. From basic to very advanced, we can cover it all. We are here to help you to learn at your own pace.

You can indeed learn the basic fundamentals of Google Ads in one day. However, mastering ads takes years of in-account practice and dedication. We will teach you the foundation and best practices needed in order to run a decent, performance-based ads campaign.

We provide you with full HD videos of the entire setup process to help you recap the core information acquired during the training.  We also offer limited support for up to 6 months after your training session.