Our Approach to SEO Training

The Ultimate Everything-In-One SEO Course – By learning basic onsite SEO and Google Tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Data Studio, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your website and marketing efforts.

Learning SEO can be hard as the industry is ever-changing and adapting. At Casson Media, we keep our facilitators up-to-date with the latest changes and trends. We ensure that what we teach in our SEO courses is the latest; no two workshops will ever be the same. You can send your employees on a “refresher” course annually or request them to move on to one of our advanced courses. You set the pace and the experience level you wish your employees to achieve.

Per Hour

R2,000per hour
  • Only You
  • Type: One-On-One
  • Location: Online
  • Pace: Own


R14,00000per day
  • Max: 10 People
  • Type: Custom
  • Location: Online
  • Pace: Custom

What will you learn?

SEO 101

  • What is SEO?

  • Landing page optimisation.
  • Site speed index – Core Vitals.
  • Google Policy & Google best practices.
  • Onsite optimisation techniques.
  • Offsite optimisation & linkbuilding.
  • Schema data and rich snippets.

Creating A Google account

  • Learn how Google products integrate with other Google products.

  • Organise multiple Google profiles to increase productivity.
  • Integrating your analytics with Google Webmaster Tools & Google Ads.

Installing The Tracking Code

  • Installing on open-source CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla & Drupal.
  • Installing on custom built CMS websites.
  • How to group your keywords to build relevance and save costs.
  • Where should the tracking code go?
  • Installing Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Troubleshooting and testing tracking codes.

Google Tag Manager

  • Installing Tag Manager.
  • Integrating Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.
  • Setting up containers and tags.
  • Using variables and triggers.
  • Conversion tracking via Tag Manager. Tacking emails, phone calls, and form submissions.

Google Analytics 4 Interface

  • Administration and user access. Viewing access and user permissions.
  • Learning your dashboard & navigation bar.

  • Most used sections of Google Analytics 4.
  • Google Analytics real-time.
  • How to make sidebars using the “library” feature in GA4

Google Analytics Filters

  • Creating advanced filters.
  • Using data from filters to drill down.

Understanding Collected Data

  • Not all bounce rates are bad.
  • Time on site / Time of day

  • Organic vs paid, direct, referrals and social media.
  • Understanding user journey and intent.

Reports and Monitoring

  • Creating advanced reports in various formats.
  • Defining a reporting target – Who is the report for and what data does that person want to see?
  • Using real-time reports to understand user intent.
  • The basics of custom reporting and different tools you can use for reporting.
  • Choosing date ranges and comparing data using dates and timestamps.

Why Partner with Casson Media?

  • Live Training: No slides or boring presentations, just pure knowledge transferred in live interactive sessions. We work live on your existing accounts.
  • Dynamic Training: With years of experience in Google AdWords, Analytics & SEO we can adapt the training to your individual and company skill level.

  • Google Certification: Our detailed sessions can equip you with all you need to know to pass the Google Partner Certification Exams.

  • Agency or individual: Our courses are available in both group (classroom) lessons for individuals as well as full agency training for companies.
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Currently, due to the global COVID pandemic, all training sessions take place online via Google Meet.

Casson Media offers SEO training and SEO workshops from basic SEO fundamentals to advanced tracking and reporting. Our courses are designed to equip employees and team leaders with SEO knowledge and processes that have been heavily researched and implemented.

  • The group training sessions are more basic as the course is done together with other students.
  • The agency training and the hourly training can adapt to the skillsets of the participants. From basic to very advanced, we can cover it all. We are here to help you to learn at your own pace.

Google Analytics is a world leader in advanced website tracking and statistics. Analytics breaks down every aspect of a website, SDK or mobile app tracking to monitor the audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversion of each session created by a user. Google Analytics is currently part of a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.