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What are SSL Certificates and Why Do They Matter?

What is SSL?

In the past, separate IP addresses were required to ensure confidential information between a website and a visitor’s browser. Now with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – encryption technology), this is no longer required as it creates an encrypted connection.

What is a SSL Certificate?

A SSL certificate, installed on a web server, is a form of validation. You can check if any website has one by the https:// rather than http://. A green padlock is also confirmation that a website is secure:

Any form on information submitted on a website, including contact forms, should only be sent via secure websites with SSL certificates.

Why Do SSL Certificates Matter?

Privacy is getting more and more important online, especially when personal details are involved. It is so important, Google has made SSL Certificates a requirement for all websites. More info can be found on Google’s Security Blog.

“When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you.”

Acquiring a SSL certificate for your website should be free and easy. If your site is not currently secure, contact your host and insist on getting a certificate.

All Websites Hosted with Casson Media Are Secured With SSL Certificates

We are not a hosting company. However, we have purchased a server with Hetzner and can provide exclusive hosting for all clients who have other services with us.

  • Free SSL Certificate provided and installed
  • 100% WordPress-friendly
  • Competitive prices
  • Daily backups

Hosting with us is beneficial to us and our clients.

DATE: Sep 3, 2017
AUTHOR: Casson Media
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