This post will give you step-by-step instructions for setting up WordPress on a domain you own (as opposed to a free domain hosted with WordPress). Previously, I wrote an article on how to install WordPress with websites with cPanel.

In this article, I will be showing you how to install WordPress on other servers that don’t have cPanel (This method works for ALL websites, using cPanel is just easier in some cases).

You need a basic understanding and access to the following for this tutorial:

A hosted website with at least one free database
FTP Access
Domain support (if your client owns the domain, make sure you are a technical support contact on their domain)
Step 1: Download & Upload WordPress

Download the latest version of WordPress from Upload the contents of the ‘wordpress’ folder to your server via FTP. Once you’re done, your FTP should look something like this:

WordPress via FTP

Step 2: Setting up an empty Database

I am by no means an expert with databases, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand why or what these are for. All you need to know is that WordPress requires one to work.

The easiest way to set one up is to ask your hosting company! Email or phone your website hosting provider, let them know you are setting up WordPress and ask them to create an empty database for you. They will then send you the following details:

  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database host (IF applicable – most servers don’t require this)

Step 3: Run the WordPres Install

Double check you have uploaded your WordPress files correctly, make sure you have the database details on hand and visit your website. WordPress should prompt you to create a config file. Click ‘Create a Configuration File’ and enter all the database details as required.

WordPress – Database Install

If everything is entered correctly, you will be presented with the ‘Welcome’ screen from WordPress.

Congrats! You have successfully installed WordPress! Now pat yourself on the back and enjoy your new WordPress website.

If you’re still struggling to install WordPress or simply don’t have the time to set it up yourself, I will be happy to assist you. You can email me here for my costing.

Bryan Casson Managing Director

Bryan Casson – Managing Director

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