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What’s New in WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”

The latest version of WordPress, 3.3, was released earlier today and has been called “Sonny” in honour of the jazz master, Sonny Stitt. It is ready for download on the WordPress website, or within your WordPress dashboard (We ourselves have a ton of websites to go through and update this week!).

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” – New Features

There are some incredible improvements on the latest release. Here are just some of the main new features:

WordPress 3.3 now has a much better user experience within the WordPress dashboard
It has a revamped “Welcome Screen” with a basic overview and some tips getting started
It has ‘Feature Pointers’ which are basically tool-tips that point out new features
An improved contextual help with a breakdown of all features for the current page you’re on to quickly solve problems.
New dashboard menu no longer works like an accordion, but rather a drop-out menu (yay)
Dashboard header and admin bar have been combined into the new “Toolbar” found across the top of the dashboard

Drag-and-Drop Upload: This is my favourite update so far – The image, audio and media uploaders have been combined into one button, and the uploader now supports Drag-and-Drop. You can drop multiple file types at once, and it will upload them all together.
Finally, they’ve improved the touch support on the iPad and other tablets
All in all, a very exciting release! I’ve updated already and am enjoying exploring the new dashboard. Have you updated yet?

DATE: Nov 5, 2015
AUTHOR: Casson Media

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