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At Casson Media our Google Ads (Adwords) Experts can scan your existing PPC campaign and come up with suggestions and strategy to improve the overall performance of your marketing campaign.


We are well aware of industry standards and what is achievable and our consultants undergo extensive training to keep with Google’s ever changing environment.

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Most budgets are determined by industry demand and competition. However, the daily budget should never be lower than the cost per acquisition (CPA). Since new campaigns have an undetermined CPA it is then suggested to have starting budget that is both competitive and affordable. After the data comes in, the daily spend should be adjusted to reach an impression share of 60-90%.

Most smart bidding strategies take approximately 14 days to perform. Google ads can learn how to get more leads according to your goals set. The ads perform better over time according to the data received. In most cases, it is a good idea to let campaigns run for a full 30 days before determining their performance.

Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) is a very powerful Google search engine marketing platform that allows you to bid for a position in Google’s paid advertising network. With Google Adwords, the client is always in control of how much needs to be spent on the ads. read more

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