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15 Years of Local SEO Experience – Unfortunately this is not enough to achieve ranking ethically. With the onslaught of AI-generated SEO spam, Google seems to be losing the search quality battle against auto-generated content and unethical SEO companies producing mass AI content for ranking. For this reason we at Casson Media have chosen to no longer offer traditional SEO services as we did in the past. We are more than happy to provide consulting on the ethical way to try get ranking, however we can no longer offer any ranking solutions at this point until Google sorts out its own issues with quality.
  • Achieve better ranking by having an efficient website

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  • Pay only for SEO services you need

  • Get a transparent and data-driven ranking strategy

  • Use a company trusted by top South African brands

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Improve Your Visibility Online

There are many ways to rank, some of them ethical and most of them not. We only advise on ethical ranking techniques which in many cases is NOT enough to achieve ranking. This is the truth. We do what we can to help you tick all the ethical boxes, but at the end of the day it comes down to good vs evil.


Book a free online session with our SEO expert.


We will assess your ranking and provide feedback on Google best practices.


Pay-as-you-go for consulting and any implementation that will help you track your ranking.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

We help you to rank better on Google. We have been a top SEO company for a very long time and keep up-to-date with all the changes that Google makes to its algorithm.

SEO Transparency

Unlike most SEO Companies, we do not hide anything. As a client, you have 100% access to all your data and statistics. We are transparent and proud to share our techniques with our clients. No secret sauce, just pure SEO strategy that can start you ranking.


We focus on your business goals and read the data to establish performance. We do not make decisions on guesses or hunches, we make decisions on your data and the results we can achieve by increasing user engagement and focusing on user-journey and intent.

Local is Lekker

Local SEO targeting is crucial to online success in South Africa. We help you build a local business profile that reaches customers close to your business. By focusing on your immediate area we help bring the customers to your doorstep. Keep it close to home!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process used when we optimise a website to standards set by leading search engines like Google. A website in its natural form will unlikely rank well compared to websites that have followed key signals that keep the search engines happy

Since SEO is optimised specifically for each site, the setup & implementation price for each domain depends on the amount of work/hours needed to achieve optimal results. A mixture of onsite & offsite SEO techniques are used to improve ranking and make your website SEO friendly.

Discussing, implementing and analyzing your digital marketing plan is an ongoing process. A strategy should be discussed on a monthly basis. Feedback on previous marketing objectives must be analysed and an action plan on next steps/objectives needs to be laid out and implemented before the next consulting session with your expert account manager. Achieving ranking has many factors including competing against bad players and AI auto-generated spam. We try to adapt, but in the end it is Google’s call on what they like or do not like and what they can prevent or cannot prevent slipping into the search results.
Your digital marketing strategy is a series of steps that help you to achieve an online goal or objective for your company. Many channels can be used to drive traffic, engagement, and leads for your business. This can include paid media (Google Ads), earned media (SEO), and owned media (website or online shop).

Google provides an easy guide to help you choose the right SEO company. We have also compiled some questions you should be asking your SEO company.

Questions to ask your SEO company

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