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SEO Packages (2020)

Our 2020 prices are competitive and our packages are designed to give your website optimal performance and results. Each package can be customised to your company needs and each stand-alone plan we offer will enhance your SEO furthermore:

15 Years

SEO Experience

How Much Does SEO COST?

Since SEO is optimised specifically for each site, the setup & implementation price for each domain depends on the amount of work/hours needed to achieve optimal results. A mixture of onsite & offsite SEO techniques are used to improve ranking and make your website SEO friendly.

Once Off SEO Booster


Google Account Setup
– Tag Manager
– Google Analytics
– Google Webmaster Tools
– Goal Tracking Setup
– Data Studio Report

Onsite SEO
Title Optimisation
– Structure Optimisation
– Google Best Practice Audit


SEO Consulting

R1,50000Per Hour

– SEO Expert Bryan Casson
– Per hour billing
– Live in-person SEO audits
– Live in-person Website audits
– Staff audits
– SEO Troubleshooting
– Manual Google Penalty Reversal
– Best Practice Compliance
– Google Policy Review


Go Big

R20,00000or more per month

– Fully Customised SEO Strategy
– Bi-Weekly in-person Meetings
Live view in-person reporting
– Active Growth Strategy
– Content Strategy
– E-Commerce Integration
– Dominate Your Industry


How Much Does it Cost to SEO My Website?

Our SEO prices are based on a per-company per-industry basis. Simply contact us for an evaluation of your website as well as a full comprehensive quote.

Our stand-alone SEO plans are optional extra’s added to any of our packages that will help give your website that little extra to dominate the search results. Some of these plans can come as out-package deals and others are add-on’s to our already enhanced SEO packages.

Detailed SEO Audit

SEO Packages Terms

The above SEO packages do not guarantee ranking. Any SEO company that guarantees first page ranking cannot be trusted. Please see the following Google Help article:

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. “