SEO Packages

Traditional SEO IS DEAD – As both Google and SEO agencies adapt to a new era of AI, we can only wait and see – For this reason we no longer offer traditional SEO services. We will however continue to provide technical implementations such as online conversion tracking.

Please note: Due to Google’s inability to fight AI Content Spam, we no longer offer SEO retainer packages. We can provide great advice on how SEO should work in theory as per their best practices, however, we are seeing a rising number of low quality results outranking traditional quality websites.  

How Much Does SEO COST?

Since SEO is optimised specifically for each site, the setup & implementation price for each domain depends on the amount of work/hours needed to achieve optimal results. A mixture of onsite & offsite SEO techniques are used to improve ranking and make your website SEO friendly.

Our 2024 prices are competitive and our packages are designed to give your website optimal performance and results. Each package can be customised to your company needs and each stand-alone plan we offer will enhance your SEO furthermore:

Technical SEO Setup

  • Google Account Setup
  • – Tag Manager
  • – Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • – Google Webmaster Tools
  • – Goal Tracking Setup
  • – Looker Studio Report
  • Onsite SEO
  • – Title Optimisation
  • – Structure Optimisation
  • – Google Best Practice Audit

Per Hour

R2,000Per Hour
  • – SEO Expert Bryan Casson
  • – Per hour billing
  • – Live online SEO audits
  • – Live online Website audits
  • – Staff audits
  • – SEO Troubleshooting
  • – Manual Google Penalty Reversal
  • – Best Practice Compliance
  • – Google Policy Review

SEO Packages Terms

The above SEO packages do not guarantee ranking. Any SEO company that guarantees first page ranking cannot be trusted. Please see the following Google Help article:

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. “

Why Partner with Casson Media?

  • Pay only for the SEO services you receive.

  • Enjoy the transparency our company brings to the table.

  • Our clients stay with us and grow with us for many, many years.
  • The most driven SEO agency

On-site optimisation includes changes made to a website that help enhance your chances of getting a better ranking. By default, a site does not naturally perform, so a little work needs to be done, and some tweaks need to take place. Some standard terms heard in the industry are “Keywords Analysis” and “Title Optimisation”, all of which are valid. It does not stop there; the list goes on and on with over 200 signals that can benefit your site.

Trying to determine Google’s ever changing algorithm keeps us busy and it is physically impossible to apply every single Google signal to any given site. At Casson Media we try to determine which signals work best with your website and then apply those signals in a timely manner over a period of time. We do extensive research on every industry and we figure out whats works best for you. During the SEO implementation process, some signals are applied immediately and other gradually and not all signals work on all sites. There is a balance between keeping Google happy and keeping your visitors happy so we try to find a happy medium.

Tools we use to get leads – you can purchase these services as once-off installations.