Google Adwords Training

Google Ads (Previously called Adwords) is a powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) tool created by Google. Learning how to manage your campaign in Google Ads (AdWords) can save you time and money.

Whether you are just starting out with Google Ads or if you want to refine and perfect your Google Adwords knowledge, Casson Media offers a variety of Google Ads (Adwords) training courses from one-on-one advanced and beginner training to advanced group training. Our experts will teach you how to improve your quality score, increase your CTR (clickthrough rate) and lower your CPC (cost per click).

Group Google Ads (Adwords) Training

If you have Google Ads (Adwords) managers in your company that need some advanced training or if you are looking to take your Google Ads (Adwords) management in-house then this course will help you save money on your campaigns and keep your overall waste/cost down. This is a group session that runs through the essentials of managing a Google Ads (Adwords) campaign, focusing on the key points that save you money and reduce waste. This course will also be all you need to get your staff certified.

One-On-One Google Ads (Adwords) Training

This is most likely the most valuable training you will ever get. One-on-one Google Ads (Adwords) training is available for both beginners as well as Adwords specialists. The lesson plan is based around your current knowledge of Google Ads (Adwords) which allows you to better advance the skills required to improve rather than learn the material you already knows all over again. Our one-on-one course is designed to improve your Google Ads (Adwords) management skills and learn advanced techniques that cannot be learnt in group sessions.

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