Due to high demand, Casson Media will be offering 10 AdWords Training Workshops in 2018. These workshops will be presented by Bryan Casson, a leading AdWords Manager and AdWords Trainer in South Africa.

AdWords Group Training Outline

Introduction to Google AdWords – What Is Google AdWords
A brief outline of Google AdWords and its benefits
  • Introducing the new AdWords interface
  • Key difference between the old & new AdWords interface
Understanding the different AdWords networks
  • Google AdWords Search network walk-through
  • Google AdWords Display network walk-through
  • Google AdWords Video network walk-through
  • Google AdWords Shopping network walk-through
  • Google AdWords Gmail Ads walk-through
How to do keyword research
  • Tools to use for keywords research
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • How to group your keywords to build relevance and save costs
  • How many keywords to use per ad group
  • Using negative keywords
Improving campaign relevance and click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Understanding quality score (QS)
  • Understanding the ad auction and bidding
Creating your Google ad
  • Making your ads relevant
  • Ad creation rules and best practices
  • Testing your ads
  • Different types of ads
Understanding goals and ROI
  • Choosing the correct micro & macro goals
  • How to track goals via Google Analytics & via AdWords conversions
  • Understanding cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • Measuring ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
Admin Walk-through
  • Billing interface
  • Tools interface
  • Settings interface

AdWords Group Training Workshops

Best Offer
R3500 per day
  • Next Training Date: Thursday 10 May 2018, 9am - 5pm
  • Venue: Focus Rooms, Leeuwkop Rd, Sunninghill, Sandton
  • Early Bird: 15% if paid 30 days prior
  • (deposit required)
  • Includes lunch, snacks, and tea and coffee throughout the day
  • Bring your laptop as the event is interactive
  • Enquire Now

2018 Dates:

  1. Thursday, 10 May
  2. Thursday, 7 June
  3. Thursday, 12 July
  4. Thursday, 16 August
  5. Thursday, 13 September
  6. Thursday, 11 October
  7. Thursday, 15 November

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