Copywriting Services

Boost Your Website with Relevant Copy

Designed for Search Engine Optimisation is our motto. We can boost your website from the start by applying a structure that is understood by both humans as well as search engines. We apply Google best practices to your website and implement tried and tested methods to help search engines understand your website content.

This ensures two things:

  • Your customers find you, and
  • Your customers learn what they need to know as easily and as effectively as possible.

What do you want to say to your readers? What do you want your customers to hear?

Creating Your Voice

How you communicate with your customer is the key to them ‘getting you’. At Casson Media we can assist you in creating your voice. We believe that personalising the content on your site allows customers a chance to ‘see’ your company. This creates the opportunity to begin a relationship of trust with you. Finding your voice within a variety of marketing strategies from online to hard copy is imperative. Writing style and tone are strategic tools for different media. Our creative team can help you engage, persuade, inform, entertain and entice your customers.

Targeting Your Customers

Research shows that customers visiting websites quickly scan a page looking for relevant information. They may briefly search a page and then move on. Finding a ‘call-to-action that pulls people in and gets their attention should be the purpose of a skilled copywriter. We research and immerse ourselves in your business’ business – providing content that makes your pages jump out for all the right reasons. Intentionally targeting your client base is what our copywriting team does. Using words (keywords). Unique, ergonomically and naturally written. Words are a powerful tool. Let us partner with you in designing and writing what is often your first voice to your client.

Where We Come In

Copywriting Services We Offer

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Tracking and reporting on data

Copywriting Expertise:

  • Blog posts. These range from 200 to 1200 words. Designed to inform and share opinions.
  • Emails and auto-responders. Email campaigns are used to pique interest. Raising people’s awareness and prompting an action.
  • Social media posts. Short tweets and Facebook updates.
  • Articles. These can include interviews and case studies to inform customers about your product or service.
  • Reports. Writing based on research that expands on relevant issues and industry trends.
  • Website copy. Website content tailored to your brand.

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