Off-site optimisation is commonly referred to as Online Marketing and usually includes marketing a website by means of self-promotion. A common and effective way to promote your business online is to create a “Online Presence” or a “Company Image”. This form of marketing usually does not take place on your company website which is why we simply call it off-site optimisation.

Online Marketing

There are many different platforms a company can use to promote their website online. In the old days it was common to submit your site to thousands of directories and clone your articles on as many article sites as possible… thing have changed…. Google has got smarter and their algorithm is focusing on quality content so these sort of techniques are all but useless in today’s search world. Today we try and create an “Online Profile” for your company using many different platforms like social media, news, forums and other public image platforms. Every time something happens in your industry that is significant, we try to help you benefit from that important bit of information by giving your company a voice and an opinion. As you write your articles and news we make sure that the world gets to see your fresh and exciting news.

Creating a solid presence

There are many was to build a social profile and the different methods change on a daily basis. Popular methods include Twitter and Facebook pages which gives your business a platform to voice your brand to millions of users and other methods include Google tools likeGoogle Places that helps users find your company location with ease. At Casson Media we take a look at your industry and determine where we can best promote your company. Facebook does not work for every industry and YouTube may not be of much benefit to you but this will not stop us finding a platform that best fits your business.

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