It is important that you know exactly how much traffic is coming in to your site and exactly where those visitors are going and what your visitors are interested in. On-page tracking can increase the conversion ratio of your website. Keeping an eye on your page statistics will also allow you, the client, to monitor progress of your SEO.



At Casson Media we use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic as we feel Analytics is the single most accurate tracking application available today. It makes sense to use Google to track pages as 99% of search traffic in South Africa comes from Google.

Call Tracking

When it comes to conversions, we try to make sure every possible spend in your budget is measurable. We provide full call tracking services so that you can monitor and measure your telephone numbers and see which advertising media is working for you... read more

Adwords Remarketing

Target users who have already shown interest in your products or services. Casson Media has created hundreds of effective remarketing targets over the years